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 Application to Join (World 3)

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PostSubject: Application to Join (World 3)   Mon May 02 2011, 23:58

This is an application for World 3

1. Your primary continent? Continent 01

2. Total number of cities? 9

3. Total number of castles? 0, but my newest city will be a castle.

3a. Are you currently being sieged by us? No.

4. How active are you? 2-3 log ons a day.

5. Are you able to be a good team player, understanding that you will gain both glory for the clan and yourself by doing so? That's the whole point of having a clan. One team, one fight.

6. A little about yourself. My name is Eric, I've been playing LoU for a while on other worlds, and have recently moved to World 3. I'm in college for Electrical Engineering, and am prior military (Navy, if you care.)
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PostSubject: application   Wed Jul 06 2011, 20:01

1. c61

2. i have 29 cities currently an 2 more in the next 10 hours

3. i have no castles and would not build with out permision

3a. no, i am not under attach

4. i play 2-3 times a day , every day

5. yes, i am looking to be apart of a winning team

6. i play every day, my father is a part of your alliance, richie8475, my cities are all based on c-61 , i will help contribute to the team groth on this continent, and others


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PostSubject: application   Sun Jul 17 2011, 16:44


2. 1 city but that will change shortly becuase i am an expirienced player on many worlds

3. 0 castle but plan to when am instructed to

3a. no i am not under attack

4. i play many times a day everyday

5. i am 100% absolutely looking to be part of a winning team

6. my name is nick and i have played on many worlds

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PostSubject: Re: Application to Join (World 3)   

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Application to Join (World 3)
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