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 Application: FinbarMeath

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PostSubject: Application: FinbarMeath   Mon Apr 04 2011, 15:23

Good afternoon,

Please take a moment to answer some basic questions. (Copy and Paste this into a new post please) PLEASESpecify if you are on World 3 or the Castles Server Both

1. Your primary continent? W3:61; Castles1:32

2. Total number of cities? Both: 1 (have played on other worlds but new to these two)

3. Total number of castles? W3:0 Castles1:1

3a. Are you currently being sieged by us? If so our policy is to complete taking the castle. At which point if you have been cooperative and still want to join, we will help you to to capture other castles. Both:no

4. How active are you? 3+ times per day, more on weekends

5. Are you able to be a good team player, understanding that you will gain both glory for the clan and yourself by doing so? The thing that appeals to me/interests me most about this game is the necessity of team play; many games emphasize individual accomplishments in a way that, though they are multiplayer games, don't seem to take the team concept far enough.

6. A little about yourself. I'm a Web developer in Minneapolis MN. I enjoy reading, cooking, knitting, long walks through the woods near my home and throwing waterbaloons around in the server room.

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Application: FinbarMeath
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