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 Jan Sinal's app

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PostSubject: Jan Sinal's app   Thu Jul 29 2010, 20:16

Please take a moment to answer some basic questions. (Copy and Paste this into a new post please)

1. Your primary continent?

2. Total number of cities?
Six, plus one settling tonight.

3. Total number of castles?
None yet, staking out shrines and building troops and resources.
Seems like I can castle any time things heat up on C4, but I consider myself a noob.

3a. Are you currently being sieged by us? If so our policy is to complete taking the castle. At which point if you have been cooperative and still want to join, we will help you to to capture other castles.
No, haven't been in PvP yet, just PvE for practice.

4. How active are you?
Build and play daily.

5. Are you able to be a good team player, understanding that you will gain both glory for the clan and yourself by doing so?
Sure, team play is fun. I'll pitch in whatever I can.

6. A little about yourself.
Recent to LoE. Play it for a diversion of an hour or so. Very good with strategy and tactics - made spreadsheets to show my attack and def values for my cities, don't fully understand the battle mechanics yet, but good with that sort of stuff.

Surrounded by Jesters all over C4, noticed there are some JWAR players there also.
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PostSubject: Re: Jan Sinal's app   Fri Aug 06 2010, 20:06

Updated - eight cities now, built my first castle to level 10 in about 2 days, second building now. Both were started when I had about 6k defense troops, 250 ballistas and all the walls and towers at max. Offensive troops about 7500 and building. I didn't realize I got about 400% more troop space. Shocked

Another castle will start in a few days once I get the walls finished.

I was previously a Windhamshire member if that matters, joined right before they dissolved. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Jan Sinal's app   Thu Aug 19 2010, 23:13

Application withdrawn.
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PostSubject: Re: Jan Sinal's app   

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Jan Sinal's app
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