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PostSubject: Membership   Fri Feb 04 2011, 19:50

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PostSubject: If you are Interested in Joining Read this 1st (This is the App) Fri May 21 2010, 00:50
Please take a moment to answer some basic questions. (Copy and Paste this into a new post please)

1. Your primary continent? World 3, Continent 60

2. Total number of cities? 1

3. Total number of castles? 0

3a. Are you currently being sieged by us? No

4. How active are you? at least once a day

5. Are you able to be a good team player, understanding that you will gain both glory for the clan and yourself by doing so? Yes

6. A little about yourself. I'm 19, from Ohio, and I've just started playing
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PostSubject: Re: Membership   Sat Feb 05 2011, 13:29

Greetings, so do you love the game? are you planning on building up to massive cities? Smile Hang in there.
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PostSubject: Re: Membership   Sun Feb 06 2011, 01:31

I'm loving the game, and at present, I have plans to be as big as I can be. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Membership   

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